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Clay Jenkinson’s Shakespeare the Magic of the Word

From September 22, 2017 until September 22, 2017

Friday, September 22 at 8 PM

For one night only, the star of the Thomas Jefferson Hour will share his passion for the words of the greatest writer in the English history!
In this world premiere of "Clay Jenkinson's Shakespeare the Magic of the Word," Clay kicks off a nationwide tour to celebrate the magical web of words and meaning in the Bard's plays and sonnets.
You'll also be treated to a rare chance to see Clay as classical actor as he fulfills a lifetime dream of playing Hamlet in the iconic "alas poor Yorick" graveyard scene
This fresh and entertaining direction for Clay will make you laugh, cry, gasp and huzzah! You'll walk away knowing that Shakespeare is alive, vibrant, soulful, hilarious and utterly engaging.

All Seats Reserved
General Public: $35
Educators: $25 (use your special discount code or call 757 822-1452)
Students: $20
Current TCC Students: $10 (available at the door only)

TCC Roper Performing Arts Center one hour before the show. In advance by calling:
757-822-1450 or order online.


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