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Free tickets for TCC Academic Use

The Roper Center is here for you and your students. Our programming is offered as a vehicle for curricular enhancement and cross-curricular exploration. Our complimentary ticket program is intended to help TCC instructors connect their students to performances throughout the year. Please keep in mind that distribution of tickets, including complimentary ones, represent an expense, so please help us sustain this program by using it judiciously.

Free tickets to any performance are available for:

· Your students (one ticket each) if the event is used in any way in a class you instruct, including extra credit for attendance

· You and your guest if your field of instruction is a significant part of the show or if you have referred students for this performance

While we hope you enjoy the show, free tickets are not distributed for entertainment purposes alone.  Additional tickets may be purchased at the door at the rate specific to the guest (full price, student discount, etc.).

All tickets must be requested by instructors. All tickets will be held under the instructor’s name at our lobby will-call window starting one hour before show time. Any tickets not picked up by fifteen minutes before show time may be released for sale to other guests.

Links to a convenient Google reservation form appear below for performances that we have recognized as academically relevant. If you wish to reserve tickets to a show not appearing here, please contact us and we will be happy to make arrangements.

Current Reservation Forms

Virginia Symphony Orchestra "Women in Music" Thursday, November 16 7:30